Lasting Time: Men vs. Women

As discussed earlier, an average male lasts around 5.4 minutes in bed.

How long do women last?

Women need 15 minutes (and often times more) of penetration to experience an orgasm. That is 3 times longer than an average male can last.

(NOTE*: When I am referring to an orgasm for women, I mean the most natural of orgasms – orgasm resulting from penetration – vaginal orgasm. I will talk about the importance of vaginal orgasm in the next chapter)

Meaning there is a 10 minute gap that men have to cross to at least get even with women’s lasting time, and that DOES NOT guarantee a female orgasm.

Did You Know That?

75% of women have never experienced a vaginal orgasm

I hope you can clearly see the reason why that happens. Only around 25% of men can bridge the gap and last at least 15 minutes, thus only 25% of women can get to orgasm through intercourse.

I want to congratulate you, because you are reading this material and very soon you will be on your way to go beyond the average. I am assured of your success. Are you ?

The majority of women do not orgasm, but, as data shows, It’s NOT women’s fault. If men could last longer, women would inevitably experience it, it’s just the difference in time between an average man and woman is so high that a man can rarely close that gap, thus you find all the unsatisfied female population.

The sad fact is …

Women outlast men in sex.

They win the timing game. But do they really win ?

Women are not winners in this at all. They do not get truly satisfied. Both men and women would benefit, if men could last at LEAST as long as their women – that is 15-20 solid minutes of hard thrusting.

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